Pyrography pictures by Lesley – decorative ropework frames by Jeff

Jeff and I had been following our respective hobbies for many years. I was asked to pyro a picture of HMS Victoria on a wooden banner for the Victory Riggers down at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Jeff liked the picture so much that he said that he wanted me to do another, just for him. This I agreed to, on one condition – that he put a braided rope frame around it. I had seen some of these types of frames around paintings, knotboards etc. and thought they might look rather good around pyrographed pictures of old-fashioned sailing ships. I duly produced another picture of the Victory and Jeff put a frame around it. We were so pleased with the result that we decided to do a few more – quite a few more. We now have them all over the world – Italy, Australia, Belgium, France, several in America (including Alaska and Illinois) and loads in the UK.